Welcome, Culinary Enthusiasts!

I’m Noelle Abujasen.

Tired of mundane meals? Seeking to master a new exotic cuisine or impress at your next event?

You’re in the right place! Explore the world of authentic Cuban cuisine guided by my extensive experience spanning over 25 years, learning and perfecting family recipes passed down by my Cuban mother-in-law. While initially bereft of written recipes, I mastered these dishes through observation and taste, recognizing the profound impact of great food on heart and soul.

Now, I’m thrilled to translate these culinary treasures into comprehensive written recipes for you. Join me in unlocking the secrets of Cuban cuisine. With fundamental ingredients and guidance, delve into the flavors of this captivating island cuisine.

My culinary journey doesn’t end there; I’m continuously enhancing and infusing Cuban flair into recipes. Come along on this flavorful expedition, and let’s savor the taste of Cuba together.

And of course have fun!

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